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Vases & Objects

A selection of unique-state pieces made in our studio. Many objects have been the starting point to explore material and expression.

Negative Vase_01
made for an exhibition for the
Danish fashion brand Mads Nørgaard

Melamine-particle boards, silicate glue,
dowels, glass tubes 

The vases were made in a series of 10, 
all uniquely made by us in our studio.
 The starting point for all vases was a solid cube
of melamine particle boards.
The vases were afterward carved into;
on one hand, exploring the sculptural qualities of
the engineered and mass-produced material,
while at the same time disclosing the beauty
of the material. 

Colum, Display & Piedestal
A shelving system made for
an exhibition at Stereo Exchange.

Melamine-covered particle boards,
silicate glue, dowels, brass, waterbased paint 

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