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Better Weather


Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, producing unique-state pieces: furniture, interiors and objects for life. Fused in the collaboration of Anne Werner and Kasper Lynge – with past lives in fashion, surface design, printmaking and contemporary art – Better Weather’s interdisciplinary practice navigates an abiding investigation of form and an urban social/cultural context that demands more from design than anonymity, passivity, and the nervous echoes of the modern. The studio is grounded in sustainability – reincarnating and barely taming our planetary debris – each piece is started with a desire to work with materials sourced from factory bi-products or industrial and urban waste.

The studio works purely with commercial scalable materials, sourced from post-production materials.


June 2024 Exhibition

3 Days of Design, 
NoDe - House of
Nordic Design

May 2024 Exhibition

Southern Sweden
Design Days
Group exhibition Väntrum

May 2024 Exhibition

Stockholm Design Week
The Ode To

August 2023 Exhibition

New Compositions
Paper Collective
Studiestræde 3, 1. th
1455 Copenhagen

7-9 June 2023

3 Days Of Design
Circular Furniture Days
Design Museum Denmark Bredgade 68

Formland x Magasin
Kong Hans Salen  Copenhagen 

9-12 March 2023

GOOD SESSIONS Collectible Fair, Bruxelles

February 2023

Creators Community Nominee Formland Herning

7-12. june 2022

Milan Design Week

19-22. May 2022

Southern Sweden Design Days Matter Displaced

Feb. 2022

Mads Nørgaard
Dark Spring


WallPaper Award Design Award Best Material Innovation
16 - 18 Sep. 2021

3 Days of Design

Sep-Oct 2021

Etage Projects
Group exhibition
Please Take A Seat Atelier Axo x Lulu Kaalund, Minjae Kim,
Charlotte Kingsnorth,Karl Monies, Better Weather

March - May 2021

Residency at SVFK

20 Nov. 2020

Stereo Exchange CPH

Better Weather Design Studio.         Praghs Bouldevard 63.         Copenhagen,  Denmark.         +45 2273 6021.         hello@betterweather.dk.         instagram.com/better_weather_design_studio