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Better Weather


Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, producing unique-state pieces: furniture, interiors and objects for life. Fused in the collaboration of Anne Werner and Kasper Lynge – with past lives in fashion, surface design, printmaking and contemporary art – Better Weather’s interdisciplinary practice navigates an abiding investigation of form and an urban social/cultural context that demands more from design than anonymity, passivity, and the nervous echoes of the modern. The studio is grounded in sustainability – reincarnating and barely taming our planetary debris – each piece is started with a desire to work with materials sourced from factory bi-products or industrial and urban waste.

The studio works purely with commercial scalable materials, sourced from post-production materials.


August 2023 Exhibition

Paper Collective
Studiestræde 3, 1. th
1455 Copenhagen

7-9 June 2023

3 Days Of Design
Circular Furniture Days
Design Museum Denmark Bredgade 68

Formland x Magasin
Kong Hans Salen  Copenhagen 

9-12 March 2023

GOOD SESSIONS Collectible Fair, Bruxelles

February 2023

Creators Community Nominee Formland Herning
7-12. june 2022

Milan Design Week

19-22. May 2022

Southern Sweden Design Days Matter Displaced

Feb. 2022

Mads Nørgaard
Dark Spring


WallPaper Award Design Award Best Material Innovation
16 - 18 Sep. 2021

3 Days of Design

16 Sep. 2021

Etage Projects CPH

March - May 2021

Residency at SVFK

20 Nov. 2020

Stereo Exchange CPH

Better Weather Design Studio.         Praghs Bouldevard 63.         Copenhagen,  Denmark.         +45 2273 6021.         hello@betterweather.dk.         instagram.com/better_weather_design_studio