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Wallpaper  Design Award 2022
Best Material Innovation

Functionalism joints crafts in the conceptual work of PATINA.
PATINA comes from the simple idea of the simple chair inspired from the iconic Van Gogh painting.

Patina is a sign of the aging of a material. A deterioration of matter.
A process that is culturally and romantically aestheticized.
PATINA designs are made from discarded melamine particle boards, that are not known for weathering - simply because the material breaks before the process begins.

PATINA is a play between functionalism and traditional crafts. The yielding elements mimicking the craft of the woodworker. Surfaces of strokes, like a type of Van Gogh veining. Building up and decomposing the surface and material. The overall structure is held together with a Rietveld join, and the glass shelves are an iconic material from our modern world achitecture.

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