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Better Weather Design Studio works with waste materials that are commercial scalable. This means we work purely with materials that are to be discarded.
We apply both post-consume and post-production waste in our works.

Our focus has been on man-made materials, more specifically engineered wooden boards.
This category of material has a low status and is placed in the bottom of the material hierarchy. In our praxis we seek to transform this waste of low status material into design objects.

A material we have had in intensive care has been melamine covered particle boards.
A favorite material to the discount furniture industry. The iconic melamine board is known for its sterile white exterior that hides the inside of the composite engineered boards.
The boards are a reflecting of our material world; besides wood there are scraps of plastic, metal, textiles and more...
We have explored the melamine covered particle boards in many fashions, but always with an interest in uncovering the interior of the boards. 

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