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The Transformer collection is a series of stools and benches made from waste.

Born as a collaboration between design studio Better Weather and kitchen company &SHUFL with the aim of prolonging the life of discarded kitchen fronts by turning them into new interior objects.

Hand made in Denmark.

Transformer is made from MDF kitchen fronts. MDF is an ingineerd board material. The boards have been scaled up into a volume, that brings a new body to the iconic material.

Practically Transformer is built up by a structure of sticks, and by applying this method we can minimize our waste stream.

The sculptural value of a design is equally as important as the functional. We seek to evoke a character when we design, therefore we have played with the classic ideal of proportion, creating shapes that leave you wondering.  The boards are joined together inspired by the anatomy of a robot. Each layer of boards has been routed which supplies lines for the eyes to wander around the design.

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